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Prevent Child Abuse Iowa recognizes the important role legislation plays in the future of Iowa’s children. Laws that protect children and invest in families help ensure that more children grow up to reach their full potential as adults. State and federal appropriations are also critical in providing support for an array of child abuse prevention programs. PCA Iowa is consistently involved in organizational and coalition efforts to advocate for laws, policies, and appropriations to sustain and grow child abuse prevention. 

2017 Iowa Legislative Priorities

Prevent Child Abuse Iowa strengthens families for Iowa’s future. We believe that healthy, vibrant communities provide nurturing environments for kids. Our statewide network provides expertise in child abuse prevention to create a stronger, healthier Iowa.  

Prevent Child Abuse Iowa requests consideration of the following legislative actions in support of Iowa’s children and families:

  1. Enact legislation to continued funding of research of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in Iowa through the Behavior Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS).

  2. Expand funding for Iowa’s 1st Five Initiative.

  3. Enact Erin’s Law in Iowa.

    The following priorities are aligned with the recommendations and definitions proposed by the Drug Endangered Children Workgroup (the workgroup was a special commission created by the Iowa legislature as a continuing improvement follow up to the Department of Human Services change to a Differential Response (DR) child welfare system).
  4. Enact changes to the definition of "Drug Endangered Child".

  5. Enact changes to the Iowa Code Section232.2(6) "Child in need of assistance.

  6. Enact changes to the definition of "Child abuse" of "abuse" in Iowa Code Section 232.68(2)(a)

  7. Enact an amendment to Iowa Code section 232.77 (mandatory reporter code for full compliance with federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act and the Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act).

Download the document of the 2017 Iowa Legislative Priorities.

For more information about PCA Iowa's legislative advocacy work, contact Liz Cox.

2017 Federal Legislative Priorities

Enact legislation to continue funding the Maternal Infant Early Child Home Visiting (MIECHV) services. The federal program gives pregnant women and families, particularly those considered at-risk, necessary resources and skills to raise children who are physically, socially, and emotionally healthy and ready to learn. 

MIECHV Messaging Support

Enact Family First Prevention Services Act : Strengthen families by providing evidence-based prevention services to keep children out of foster care and reduce inappropriate group home placements


PCA Iowa’s advocacy efforts have previously led to several child abuse prevention and child protection reforms. These successes include legislation to:

    • Increased funding for Iowa's 1st Five initiative (2016)
    • Expanded protections for children who suffer sexual abuse (2016)
    • Appropriated $50,000 to study the impact of childhood trauma on adult health (2014-16)
    • Established and extended Iowa’s income tax check off for child abuse prevention (2008, 2010, 2012 and 2016)
    • Reauthorized the MIECHV program (2015)
    • Expanded funding for child sexual abuse prevention (2007-15)
    • Created a statewide Shaken Baby Syndrome prevention program (2009)

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