Child Abuse Prevention Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, a time when communities nationwide come together to celebrate the great childhoods we can build for all children. Watch for the blue pinwheel as a symbol of the joyful, carefree childhood all children deserve.

Throughout April, Prevent Child Abuse Iowa leads a statewide campaign to raise awareness that child abuse is preventable and how you can play a part. Communities across the state also honor the month with family-friendly events and education campaigns. Email the Communications Director to learn about activities planned in your community.


Order Pinwheels for your 2017 campaign - due October 24, 2016. Download the order form.

Take Action!

Join the campaign by organizing an activity within your organization or community group. Ideas include:

  • Speak Up for Prevention – Create a social media plan with images and messages that people can share on their profiles to show that they believe in child abuse prevention efforts.
  • "Blue Out" Day - Designate a day in which everyone wears blue for prevention or employees wear jeans in exchange for a donation to child abuse prevention.
  • Coloring Contest - Hold a pinwheel coloring contest and display the artwork in a public space. Here's a pinwheel coloring sheet to use.
  • Parent education - Share positive parenting messages and information about prevention. We can send you handouts to print including “25 ways to be a loving parent” or “Words your child needs to hear.”
  • Pinwheel Garden - Plant a pinwheel garden as a public display of support for Iowa’s children.
  • Pinwheel bouquets - Ask businesses to display pinwheel bouquets and even collect donations from customers wanting a pinwheel.

We are happy to work with you to plan an awareness activity or to connect you with groups in your area who are working on outreach projects. For more information, contact the Communications Director. Find more activities and resources here.

Make a Donation

Your support creates happy, safe childhoods for all kids leading to a better future for Iowa.

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How We Prevent Child Abuse in Iowa

What we do and how you can make a difference.

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